Julie Barratt is a visual artist, curator and arts industry professional whose practise encompasses printmaking, photography, artist books, bookbinding and installation. In addition to her solo practise, Julie collaborates with other printmakers, book artists, writers, sound and performance artists. Julie graduated with Honours from Southern Cross University in 2012. In 2015 she was the State Library of Queensland Siganto Fellow. Julie is the recipient of a number of awards and prizes and her work is represented in public and private collections. She has exhibited her work and presented at conferences all over the world.

Julie is passionate about community, inclusion and accessibility and this is apparent in her work as an arts industry professional who has worked for many years in the disability sector as a curator, regional manager and producer. She is regionally located and globally connected, and has worked in places as far flung as as Seoul, Wilcannia, Rockhampton, Kalgoorlie and Kathmandu, where she set up sustainable art studios for young deaf Nepali women as a stepping stone into employment.

Her curatorial career began in 2009 when she opened Barratt Galleries, showing a curated program of prints, books and works on paper. The Gallery closed its doors in 2012

Predominant themes in her work lie in narrative explorations of the human condition, personal, family and place histories, and the consciousness of objects. Her works are often site-specific, responding to environmental energetics. Her works often include elements that are labour intensive and contemplative. Her artist book, the mourning after, required the insertion by the artist of over 3000 sequin pins into the final work.

You can view her abridged resume here

You can contact julie @ juliembarratt@gmail.com